Just went through the one day training for the authoring of content on Adobe's AEM/CQ software. The class was alright, I learned a few things. Every class I take I understand a bit more about how it will integrate into our setting. The unfortunate thing is I still don't see the big picture. On the subject of the class if you don't know anything about AEM/CQ it will definitely inform you and teach you all about the authoring side of it. I would suggest it for those who have not touched AEM/CQ before for sure.

Either way, I now have a monitoring system set up for my web server and also analytic software set up to help track visitors. I don't plan on a lot of visitors but the project itself still is pretty nifty. I am still working on what I'm going to do for a logo and maybe more customizing of the site. For now I will hopefully be able to start posting more!